Fisherman Terms - B

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Fisherman Terms - B

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  • Backing:
    • The placement of line, such as monofilament on a reel to provide a backing for the main line, such as braid that will be used to fill the spool.
  • Backlash:
    • A tangle, snarl or loop of fishing line that, becomes entangled under coils of line on the spool of a reel. A backlash is generally caused by overrunning the spool.
  • Backwash:
    • When the wake from a passing boat hits the shoreline and is reflected back out to open-water, the resulting rough water is considered backwash.
  • Backwater:
    • A body of water that's flow into a larger body of water has been obstructed, inhibited or stopped.
  • Bag limit:
    • A specified number of a specific species that may retained by an angler in a given period of time.
  • Bail:
    • A semicircular metal arm on a spinning reel that is opened to make a cast and closed to retrieve the line.
  • Bait:
    • Anything attached to the fishing hook that is used to attract and catch the fish.
  • Bait-casting:
    • The utilization of a revolving spool reel and casting rod to propel a bait into a target area.
  • Bait clip:
    • Is a specialized clip used to secure a baited hook close to the rig, which helps streamline the rig during your cast. It is regularly used in surf fishing as a method to prevent the dislodging of bait from the hook.
  • Bait-fish:
    • Are typically small fish that are used as bait to catch larger fish. For example you may use Minnows to catch Large Mouth Bass, Pinfish to catch Red Snapper or ballyhoo to catch King Mackerel.
  • Baitwell:
    • Is a special tank on a boat that circulates and aerates the water providing a temporary habitat for live bait.
  • Bank-fishing:
    • The act of fishing from a land mass and casting out into the water.
  • Barb:
    • A sharpened projection facing opposite the direction of the main point of a fish-hook that assists in preventing the fish from throwing the hook.
  • Barbless:
    • A hook either manufactured or modified where the barb has been removed.
  • Basic Needs:
    • Describes the basic necessities fish require for survival, such as water, food,spawning locations and structure.
  • Bass Boat:
    • A specially designed craft typically with a shallow draft, flat deck, varying horsepower and a host of electronic equipment. They are generally lightweight and developed for tournament Bass fishing in fresh-water.
  • Bay:
    • A large body of water that is almost completely surrounded by land and is smaller in size than a "Gulf".
  • Bell Sinker:
    • A bell shaped lead weight typically with a swivel embedded into the lead.
  • Bite:
    • When a fish nibbles, bites or strikes a bait that causes the angler to see, hear or feel its presence on the other end of the line.
  • Bite Indicator:
    • Refers to any device, which produces a sound, vibration or other signal to alert the owner to a potential fish on the line.
  • Blank:
    • Refers to an unfinished fishing rod waiting on customization that is typically without guides, grip or finish.
  • Blind Cast:
    • An intentional casting of bait without the angler having a particular target in mind.
  • Bluebird Skies:
    • Used to describe a bright sunshiny day without a cloud in the sky.
  • Bobber:
    • The attachment of any item that floats to a line with the intention of either maintaining the bait at a predetermined depth or as a visual indicator of a strike.
  • Bottom Feeder:
    • Describes any species of fish that predominantly feed on the bottom and not normally in the water column.
  • Bumping:
    • Term used for bouncing a Lure either off an object or the bottom to encourage a strike.
  • Burning:
    • The act of retrieving a buzz-bait spinner-bait lure at a significant speed in order to create a disturbance on top of the water as the propellers or blade chop the water.
      • Alternate Names:
        • Buzzing
        • Ripping
  • Butt Pad:
    • Is an auxiliary piece of gear worn around the waist of a fisherman, where the butt of the rod is placed to give the angler additional support and leverage when catching larger fish.
  • Buzzbait:
    • An artificial lure with propeller blades that churns the water as it is being retrieved in order to mimic a wounded bait-fish.
  • Buzzing:
    • The act of retrieving a buzz-bait spinner-bait lure at a significant speed in order to create a disturbance on top of the water as the propellers or blade chop the water.
      • Alternate Names:
        • Burning
        • Ripping

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