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Mariculture Technologies International

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  • Name: Mariculture Technologies International
    • Address: P.O. Box 1020, Oak Hill, FL 32759
    • Phone: (386) 345-3333
    • Website: Mariculture Technologies International
    • Email:
    • Bait:
      • Live Mud Fiddler Crabs.
      • Live Bullhead Minnows.
      • Live Large Bait Clams.
      • Live Florida Flagfish.
      • Live Green Sailfin Mollies.
      • Frozen Silver or Striped Finger Mullet.
      • Frozen Large Mullet
      • Frozen Bait Shrimp
      • Please view their website for additional baits or availability.
    • About: Mariculture Technologies International, Inc. (MTI) has long been established in the live fish shipping business and has recently entered the live marine bait fish business. Live marine bullhead minnows, live marine clams, live marine flagfish are the first to be offered. Other species are currently in development.

      It is universally understood by all fishermen that if you want to catch fish on every outing then live bait is your best guarantee.

      Now, for the first time ever, you can order your live and frozen baits using MTI's Internet Commerce Site and have them delivered to your door Tuesday through Friday all year long. The convenience and reliability of having your bait ready to go when you are without the extra time and cost of searching bait shops up and down the highway assures the next day's fishing adventure will be the best it can be. Think of the time and travel costs that will be saved by online purchasing of your live and frozen baits.
    • Customer Service: I have talked with Donna on the phone. She is definitely people friendly and customer service oriented. It is obvious Mariculture Technologies International cares about their customers and is one of the few online businesses that goes the extra mile to deliver a quality product.


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